Sunday, March 8, 2009

One Last Winter Blast???

One of Sierra's favourite play activity is retrieving a frisbee at the Mill Woods off leash. This area has a large berm that collects fairly deep snow on the downwind side. Earlier in the year when Sierra was smaller and the snow was lighter she would literally disappear under the snow like a submarine when going for the retrieve. With this last (hopefully) blast of winter I thought we should try and capture it on video. We had a rookie on the camera, so apologies for the quality. Obviously it does a digital zoom not optical. This first one shows how the run out is a little easier than the way back which is uphill, and especially if you do not follow the same path. The snow was pretty heavy so no submarine tricks this time. But it does look like you can swim in the snow. Also the handler was showing his lack of confidence with the frequent commands!!

The last retrieve shows both the dog getting a little smarter and the handler more confident! It didn't take many retrieves to get the exercise for the day in.

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